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Arielle Dundas is a stunningly talented performer, at least that's what she's written in this bio. She certainly does know how to hold a crowd's attention--remarkable since her own attention is usually ADHD shaky. An American comedian living in the Netherlands, with a schizophrenic insider/outsider perspective on both American and European lifestyles, Arielle Dundas is relevant to any audience, except one that has a lot of Antarcticans in it. She knows nothing about Antarctica. Well, she knows penguins live there. So, she does know something about Antartica. She has performed in London, New York, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and a whole lot of Dutch towns you've never heard of. Next stop:  Antartica!  Her skill has been recognized by The Hague International Comedy Festival, where she was a Semi-Finalist. 

 A trained philosopher, she puts her critical thinking to work analyzing failed romantic interactions, social structures, and disordered living.  Ever the optimist, she still thinks she can save the world and wants your help! 

Philosophical, but personal. Silly, but cerebral. Provocative, but primarily hilarious.

Praise for Arielle Dundas

Incredibly Funny! A real find... I laughed so much - She gave a witty, smart and intelligent performance. Highly recommended!
— Audience review of her hour long show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Spectacular! And Iā€™m not just saying this because I want her to move out of my house.
— Arielle's Mother

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